Trade Show Follow Up

If you're attending trade shows regularly, don't miss the opportunity to nurture and sell to your attendees!

Here's a solution we can help you build or build for you:

  1. Create page which trade-show attendees can be registered

  2. Create an automatic follow-up workflow for these people that you add

  3. Create a landing page which the emails link to, where you have whitepapers and a contact form

Our recommended flow is as follows:

  1. After the trade show, you add participants into an internal registration page (or import them and activate an action group).

  2. Participants get a series of emails thanking them for attending, linking to a page where they can see a summary of your offering and download additional info.

  3. Once they click an email or download something, you get a follow up task in FunnelBud, and a notification email, with an attached standard follow up email for easy follow up.

  4. The participants themselves land on a thank you page with more "salesy" content, are removed from the previous workflow, and are instead added to a different workflow.


  • All your attendees get added into your database and into your long-term nurturing flows (newsletters for example)

  • You discover opportunities now that you would have otherwise have missed.

  • You save time and get better results, because you can prioritize the ones who show interest, rather than everybody.