FunnelBud Go onboarding report
for external CRM

Who this is for: All FunnelBud Go clients, as part of the standard onboarding setups.

What does it cost: This is included in the standard onboarding cost for all clients.

What is this? Get to know which marketing activities bring you the most sales.

How it works:

We track the following and send it to your CRM in a standard format.

  • first touch attribution (where the leads found you)

  • first landing point attribution (where they first landed on your site - coming soon!)

  • first conversion point attribution (the form converted them into a lead - coming soon!)

  • last conversion point attribution (the last form they filled out)

(Note: We also add a custom field "Originated from Fub Go" to make it easier for you to identify and segment the leads from FunnelBud Go.)

We build these attribution fields in FunnelBud Go as custom fields and sync them with equivalent fields in your CRM. You can then build any attribution report you want in your CRM, based on this data. (The reports need to be built in the CRM, because that's where the revenue is reported. These reports are normally native in any modern CRM application. Some of the data, such as attribution based on number of leads or number of MQLs created can be done in FunnelBud's own reports, but the revenue data is only stored in the CRM.)

Examples of reports you can build:

  • Numbers of leads generated per attribution source (per first touch attribution source, per landing point, or per conversion point).

  • The generated revenue for each of the sources above.

  • The conversion rate of MQLs to Customer for each of the sources above.

Why is this useful: Knowing which channels and what marketing activities are the most revenue-generating is key to understanding what you should focus your marketing efforts on to help grow the revenue.