Other Implementations

Internal Lead Registration Pages

Let sales people add leads and trigger automations easily!

Register and email

Sales people register lead after customer meeting or phone call. They can add personal message at the top of the email. The rest of the email links to their best blog posts.


  • Easier to register leads
  • Lead gets a great follow-up email automatically
  • Sales person can see if they click
  • Email has personal intro at top

Internal Lead Registration Page

For general use and for specific event


Sales people register lead after customer meeting, phone call or an event. They can choose if lead is for general purpose or specific event. In both cases, lead will be assigned to the relevant campaign. Lead will also be sent to the appropriate list.


  • Easier to register leads
  • Campaign tracking
  • Leads tracked by event
  • Leads added to the list based on selection

Subscription Preference Pages

Let your subscribers decide what to subscribe to!

Preference page

Let subscribers chose what they're interested in so you can send relevant content.


  • Send more segmented content, improving open & click rates
  • Can be used to segment not only emails but also website content, ads, etc.
  • Page is fully customizable
  • We help you design it to your brand

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